Welcome to Gym Romance

Welcome! We are so glad that you are here. Here’s a little more about our fit philosophy and the brand.

Gym Romance workouts are always centred on fun and functional training styles. Explosive movements, ball slams, high intensity sessions and sweaty results. That’s how we like it. Functional training regimens are good for you, they help improve your overall fitness and muscular strength, mobility and endurance. That is why we like to deliver a dynamic and functional approach.

Gym Romance started in 2020 with a vision to help others keep active and connected during strict lockdown. It was the height of winter, and freezing, yet we came together to complete a 6-week programme I curated.

The Gym Romance goal has always been wellness, fitness, education and community. Exercise should be fun, it should be accessible and should serve you and your longevity. Your health matters. Education is key to help you make informed decisions about how you decide to move your body. And community, well that’s the best part really, the fact that we are not alone. We are in this together!

A little bit about me, Lauren-Kate

Hi, I am Lauren-Kate. Nice to e-meet you! I have aways enjoyed being active. Exercise empowers me and helps my mind to stay agile too. That will never change. I am a bit goofy, I love to consume, and many people know me for being creative and passionate. Oh gosh, I can get so hyped about the things that I am passionate about. I really love to help others too, as you will learn.

In 2020, I completed my Personal Trainer qualification. At your service. Education is a strong value of mine. I wanted Gym Romance to be supported by accurate and qualified learnings. I spent a significant amount of time at various training facilities, shadowing, training, taking classes, one-on-ones and of course receiving incredible mentorship.

Quick facts about me: I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am boujee when it comes to what coffee I drink. I married my High School sweetheart. I am obsessed with design.

I am super passionate about helping women reach their fitness goals

Let’s be real for a sec. So many women out here struggle with appearance issues, have a troubled relationship with food, or just feel incredibly disconnected to their bodies. That was me, and sometimes still is. Many of us were never empowered or encouraged to learn about our bodies, how they function and what we can do to support our longevity.

My journey, and my personal Gym Romance, has been all about empowerment and relearning. I want help other to feel that sense of empowerment, to feel connected to their bodies and have a grounded reason for why they exercise.

Throughout my personal training experience I have experienced clients restricted their eating, severe overeating, or only performing excessive cardio-based exercise. Treadmill only because other forms of exercise are for men. I have seen too many women who have never understood resistance training or even how to train their upper bodies. You should be informed and empowered in all the decisions you make – and especially the ones concerning your own body. I am here to help with that!