Salad Season

I love a good salad, I don’t know why salad has such a bad rep. Probably because old fashioned salads were comprised of sad limp iceberg lettuce nobody wanted to eat. No more of that! Bring on the flavour and the colour.

One of the secrets to a good salad is the dressing! I believe you can fix most boring salads with a really good vinaigrette or dressing.

Here’s my foundation for dressings:

– Oil (olive, avocado , etc)
– Acid (white wine vinegar, lemon, orange, balsamic, etc)
– Sweetness (honey, maple, etc)
– Salt pinch Himalayan
– Mustard (vinaigrette is a must, dressing is optional).

Mix based on taste and preference 1 part oil, 1,5 part acid… Mix to your desire. Taste and adapt.

Then I will change this up dependant on flavour profiles. I usually add Tahini to most of my dressings and some water to thin it out.

This salad: spinach, tomato, cucumber, quick fry broccoli (olive oil, salt, lemon, sumac), roasted chickpeas (sprinkle some cumin), avo, sun-dried tomato, roasted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Sprinkle some dried chilli flakes on top too. Then… The dressing.

Another Pro tip is to add extras, herbs, chopped up dried cranberries, or sun-dried tomatoes, and some roasted seeds and nuts.

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