Intense Legs

Lower Body Workout // Intense Legs

30 – 40 minutes / Spicy / Average 330 cals burned. Leg Days are a time to really push. Lower body workouts are strenuous due to the use of such big muscle groups, with the addition of explosive movements, this one will be intense. Make it count. Below you will find three circuits. Compete each circuit for three rounds before moving onto the next. 30 – 90 second rests can be taken in-between circuits. Beginners can lower reps (average 8 per exercise / complete circuits for 2 rounds each)

C1 // Jump Squats x 12

Start with legs hip-width apart / slightly wider toes slightly facing out. Rotate hips backwards (stick that booty out) and breath in lower your body if to sit in a chair. Look forward. Stop when your hips are inline with your knees (90º angle). Breathe out and propel your body upwards pushing from your heels and activating your glutes into an upwards jump. repeat.

C1 // Step Ups x 30

Start in a standing position. Bend right knee and left your leg to step onto the bench. Pushing through your heels lift your opposite leg, left, to the bench. Activate your glutes. Slowly return your left leg in a controlled manner to the ground. Alternate or do 15 reps of each side.

C1 // Reverse Lunge Knee Up x 30

Start with legs hip-width apart. Step backwards with right leg and bend both knees. Your right knee should be at a 90º angle and hover above the ground. Keep your back straight, chest up and look forward. Stand up and bring your right leg forward and bend it upwards towards your chest. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

C2 // Burpees x 10

Start with legs hip-width apart rotate hips backward and lower body into a squat position. lower your hands to the ground and jump backwards onto your toes. Maintain a strong neutral back. Pushing from your toes, jump forward until your knees are under your chest. Jump upwards whilst lifting your arms vertically into the air. Repeat.

C2 // Straight Leg Deadlift x 12

Start with legs hip-width apart / slightly closer. Rotate hips backwards (stick that booty out) and lean forward maintaining a neutral neck and straight back. Keep those legs straight. With arms straight, lower the weights just passed your knees. pushing from your heels, fire your gluteus and hamstrings to return to standing position.

C2 // Hip Thrusts x 15

Laying on your mat face-up and knees bent. Position your arms to your side. Feet are hip width apart / wider. Relax head and shoulders onto the mat. Fire your glutes to elevate your body upwards creating a bridge position. Ensure you hold your core tight. Lower hips towards the matt and repeat.

C3 // Running Man x 60 seconds

Start with legs hip-width apart. Elevate your right leg into a 90º angle and lower it down whilst you lift your left leg into a 90º angle. Arms will assist in propelling your body to maintain speed and power whilst lifting your legs.

C3 // Crab Walk side-to-side x 60 seconds

Start with legs hip-width apart. Step laterally and bend into a low squat. Keep your body low, knees bent, look forward as you take three steps right then three steps left until the 60 second timer has lapsed.

C3 // Donkey Kicks x 60 seconds

Start in a table top position. hands facing forward and arms stacked underneath your shoulders. Strong neutral back, do not wear your shoulders as earrings and keep your neck in a neutral position (look down). Balancing on your hands and one knee. Lift your bent right leg up towards the ceiling whilst firing your glutes. lower your leg back down and repeat on the opposite side.

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