Eat More Plants with Lexi

Plant-based eating has become increasingly more popular as many look to find sustainable methods to look after their health and the planet. I sat down with Lexi Monzeglio of Plant-based eatery Lexi’s and found out why we should eat more plants and easy options for plant based meals. Watch the interview here.

The idea behind Lexis is to create awareness and around eating more whole-foods and eat more plant-based. Lexi’s Does not expect anyone to be fully vegetarian and vegan but offer a platform for people to pursue plant-based eating and holistic diet. Here are 5 helpful tips you can implement to help you navigate through the waters of plant-based eating.

Do what you can.

  • Do the best that you can do with what you have available. Do not let “perfection” or a set a unattainable standards hinder you from doing you you can do at the time. Whether that translates into a “Meat-free Monday” and you are comfortable with this – that’s great!

More Plant’s are always Good For you.

Research supports the idea that saturated fats and meat diet can lead to negative effects such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, mental health etc. Even if you do still eat meat there’s an overwhelming amount of research that suggests eating more plants and adding more veggies to your plate is very good for you. 80% whole foods and plant based diet = winning.

Variety is Key

You can eat too much of one thing, if the majority of your diet was exclusively kale, that wouldn’t be great for you either. Aim for variety. When it comes to veggies, eat the rainbow. There are so many veggies you can put on your plate, which all offer various micronutrients, antioxidants, proteins, and other health benefits. McGregors Daily Dozen is a great plant-based app to assist you in tracking and planning your plate through informed decisions. Plants do make you better – Lexi had gone to the optometrist – new script reveals that her sight has improved by 80% this is attributed to less screen time and much more veggies in your diet.

What about Protein?

Can you eat protein if it’s not in a steak? Yes, of course you can! Protein can be found in various veggies and grains. In fact, it is extremely rare for anyone to suffered from a protein deficiency if they have a well-rounded diet.

Why Lexi’s?

Why this concept. Instagrammable, accessible, I could be vegan if I ate like this everyday. Reveal that plants can be delicious. Still Have meat options of the meat on the menu for resistance individuals. you win ehn your return customer its

Learnings From Lexi – Make your veggies yum.

“I currently have a jar of Tahini on my drawer currently.” Top things to make veggies better. Tahini can be drizzled on pretty much everything.

Fresh lemon juice on everything and lots of salt.

Cooking with garlic. You can also use it as a base for every veggie dish.

Just Start.

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